DotBio joins the Incu-Bio Programme

Hong Kong Science and Technology Park accepted DotBio’s fully owned subsidiary, DotBioHK, into the Incu-Bio Programme. Under the program, DotBioHK will have access to laboratory space, equipment, approved grants totaling HKD 4 M (USD 500,000), other funding opportunities as well as business development support.

17 June 2019

DotBio visits Boston Biotech Hub

As part of Enterprise Singapore delegation, DotBio visited the Boston Biotech Hub. This is one of the top biotechnology ecosystems in the world, and the visit helped to establish contacts for future collaborations.

5 June 2019

DotBio attends BIO International, PHILADELPHIA

DotBio’s Scientific Founder, Prof. Pär Norldund, joined CEO, Dr. Ignacio Asial, at BIO International Convention, as part of Enerprise Singapore delegation. DotBio secured meetings with major pharmaceutical companies and investors.

3 June 2019

DotBio discloses pipeline

DotBio disclosed two bi-specific antibodies in its pipeline: DB001 and DB002. DB001 is an anti-Her2/PDL1 bi-specific antibody aimed at curing treatment-resistant Her2+ solid tumors by re-activating the immune system in the tumor environment. DB002 is a PDL1/CTLA4 bi-specific antibody aimed at boosting the immune system response to cancer, which could help cure a broad range of cancers.

2 June 2019

DotBio attends ChinaBio, SHANGHAI

DotBio's attended ChinaBio, one of Asia’s largest biotech partnering meetings in Shanghai. During the event, DotBio met with Asian pharmaceutical companies and investors.

7 May 2019

DotBio secures second tranche of Seed round investment

DotBio fulfilled its commitments to investors and secured its second tranche of Seed investment.

12 Apr 2019

DotBio attends the China Healthcare Investment Conference, Shanghai

In this major event focusing on healthcare investment opportunities in China and Asia, DotBio secured meetings with major healthcare-oriented VC firms, and is currently engaged in follow-up discussions.

26 Mar 2019

DotBio presents at Phar East 2019, Singapore

Phar East conference brings together experts from Asian pharma & biotechs, big pharma, regulators, investors, technology innovators. DotBio secured meetings with potential pharma partners and investors.

19 Mar 2019

DotBio successfully completes its first mouse efficacy study on a bi-specific DotBody

The DotBody was tested on a lung cancer tumor model implanted on humanized mice. The mice treated with the DotBody show regression of their tumors.

15 Mar 2019

FEB 2019

Prof. Pär Nordlund is appointed to the Nobel Prize Committee

DotBio's scientific founder joins the renowned group of scientists that selects the Nobel Prize of Medicine or Physiology.

Dr. Anthony Sedgwick joins DotBio as Strategy Advisor

Dr. Sedgwick brings more than 32 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He was previously the CEO of four biotechnology companies and a Senior Executive at Roche Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Sedgwick has held many Board and Chair positions in several UK and European Biotech and Pharma companies.

25 JAN 2019

6 JAN 2019

DotBio attends China Focus and Biotech Showcase at JPM2019, San Francisco

5 JAN 2019

DotBio launches its Hong Kong subsidiary, DotBioHK Limited

DotBio launched DotBioHK at Hong Kong’s Science and Technology Park. The subsidiary, which currently has 3 employees, will focus on partnerships and new opportunities in the China market.

26 DEC 2018

DotBio secures SGD 250,000 from Enterprise Singapore 

DotBio secured SGD 250,000 in non-dilutive funding from Enterprise Singapore’s SSG-Tech proof-of-concept grant. The grant will allow DotBio to validate some of our bi-specific DotBodies further, strengthen our IP strategy, and expand our team.

10 DEC 2018

DotBio presents at the 4th Annual Peptides and Proteins Symposium, Singapore

1 NOV 2018

DotBio attends the Biotech Investment Summit, Singapore

17 OCT 2018


DotBio presents the company and latest updates at the 2018 BIO Investor Forum, happening on October 17-18, 2018 in San Francisco.

5 SEP 2018

DotBio announces new advisors

Dr. Bertil Lindmark and Dr. Dineli Wickramasinghe join DotBio as scientific advisors.

6 AUG 2018



DotBio successfully launches to focus on next generation of immuno-oncology drugs based on domain antibodies.

12-14 Mar 2018




DotBio will be present at the BIOEUROPE SPRING 2018 in Amsterdam

DotBio will be present at BIOEUROPE SPRING 2018 in Amsterdam to search for partners to accelerate its lead and preclinical development projects.

7 Aug 2017

DotBio will be presenting at the 2017 BIO Investor Forum

DotBio will be presenting the company at the 2017 BIO Investor Forum, happening on October 17-18, 2017 in San Francisco.

6 Jun 2017

DotBio is incorporated in Singapore

DotBio was incorporated today in Singapore as a Private Limited company. The company has officially started operations and is actively looking for investors for its seed funding round.


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