DotBio focuses exclusively on immuno-oncology.  Our pipeline is currently at a discovery phase. We are raising funds to bring some of our molecules into IND-enabling studies. We can disclose further information to interested parties.



DotBio is developing a range of mono- and multi-specific DotBody-based immuno-oncology therapies. We are looking for partners and investors for both preclinical and clinical development of these projects.

Our Technology

DotBody Technology

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DotBio's domain therapeutic antibody ("DotBody") technology is based on a humanized VH domain antibody optimized for autonomous folding, stability, high expression levels, concentrability and low aggregation.


Mono-specific DotBodies are building blocks to generate infinite number of multi-specific therapies. Simply connecting the dots. Fc fragments, PEGylation and fusions such as albumin- and FcRn-binders can also be easily engineered to add effector functions and extend serum half-life.


DotBio's DotBody technology dramatically simplifies the process of developing next-generation antibody therapies such as multi-specific antibodies, chimeric antigen receptor T cells (CAR-Ts), antibody-drug conjugates, as well as intracellular antibodies.

Hot-Cofi Technology


The Hot-Colony Filtration ("Hot-CoFi") technology allows to improve protein stability and reduce aggregation propensity of our dotbodies. This leads to better developability and safety profile of the molecules we generate.

This proprietary technology relies on a filtration step to identify more stable variants of a target protein. It is a very robust biophysical technique performed at the bacteria colony level. It has been thoroughly validated against a diverse set of protein targets.

Image of the results obtained with the Hot-CoFi blot. Each spot represents a bacterial colony expressing a variant of the target protein. The spots with darker color are the variants with higher stability.


Aggregation-propensity leads to manufacturing issues and increased risk of adverse immune reactions.

Our stable DotBody technology has been optimized by Hot-CoFi, to yield molecules with favorable properties for therapeutic development.

This chart shows the improvement in stability obtained for a wide range of targets. The improvement in thermal stability varies between 5°C and 26°C.


Phage Display Technology

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DotBio employs phage display technology to isolate its DotBodies. 

Phage display is a powerful and versatile method to generate therapeutic molecules with high affinity and specificity. DotBio exploits several proprietary state-of-the-art DotBody and Fab libraries, to generate its clinical candidates.